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Congrats to all  of the Ms. Wheelchair Maine 2012 contestants!  Our Ms. Wheelchair Maine 2012 is Sarah Rosenblatt. 

Ms. Wheelchair Maine 2012 National Sponsors:





2nd Runner-up, Corie Allen, 3rd Runner-up Megan Seely and (our first) Miss. Wheelchair Maine 2012 is Kings Floyd.

Photography provided by: AAS Photography


The Ms. Wheelchair Maine Leadership and Advocacy Organization is not a beauty pageant; it is about celebrating and empowering all people with disabilities in Maine.The organization is based on showcasing accomplishments, advocacy, bringing positive awareness to disabilities, knowing the ADA and developing leadership skills.

Also, the organization is dedicated to breaking barriers between the disabled and non-disabled community. The following is shown through an annual competition, events, scholarships, peer support, education, sports and wellness, career resources, research and collaborations.

Thank you for your support!

We are currently looking for sponsors, volunteers and donations to allow us to continue to create more events to empower people with disabilities.

Please contact us for more information and we are tax-exempt with our partnership with Alpha One.

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